Jacob D’Rozario

A record sleeve for the album Interchange by Jacob D’Rozario

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Interchange was made over a period of two years between 2018-2020. Generative synth recordings were fed through Argeïphontes Lyre, an abstract piece of software based on the principles of granular synthesis.

Therapeutic reverberations and lush resonant frequencies melt together with meditative ambient passages. Generative tones progressively drift beneath a warm current of hazy morphing drones and subtle tape hiss.

The original album concept was themed around inner city travel and urban environments. Early demos featured field recordings and sampled material, which were re-edited for the EP Terminal.

The final mixes were stripped back, with rumblings of the city rhythm buried beneath a fog of sonic texture. The resulting minimalist compositions allow for a more distilled and introspective listening experience.

All tracks written and produced by Jacob D’Rozario. Additional mixing and mastering by Richard Naylor.

For more of my music check out my Soundcloud. An archive of mixes and radio shows are also on Mixcloud. For collaborations or enquiries, please contact me on jacob@drozar.io.