Jacob D'Rozario

Just Do Something

Art direction, design and UX

Educate yourself. Support black causes. Make positive change. Just Do Something is an aggregation tool which curates #BlackLivesMatter resources. Made with the talented Moujib Aghrout and Joel Stein.

Blue Marine Foundation

Art direction, design and UX

Bilingual campaign hub and game to promote sustainable fishing in the Maldives. It was BLUE's best performing campaign to date – within the first week over 29,000 people engaged with the site, which equates to 6% of the population of the Maldives. Made with Code Computerlove.


Design and UX

Led the design of Carcraft's new car buying experience. After a series of design sprints we launched the initial MVP as an A/B test against the old site. Conversions increased by a massive 140%, which resulted in an extra £7 million projected revenue. Brand and art direction by David Law. Made with Code Computerlove.


Art direction, design and UX

Transforming Bruntwood's digital platforms with new art direction, design system and digital strategy. With over £1 billion in assets across more than 100 properties, Bruntwood is a business led by one purpose: creating thriving cities. Made with Code Computerlove.


Design and UX

Design and UX consultancy for Fretonator, a new interactive tool for learning common modes on the guitar, understanding the chord theory behind the modes, and most importantly – having a jam. Made by the talented Salma Alam-Naylor.


Art direction, design and UX

Cause4 is a social enterprise and one of the first certified B Corps in the UK. They support charitable organisations to change and grow. I led the design of their new digital hub, with refreshed art direction and a set of animations. Made with Creative Concern.


Design and UX

Website design for independent tech company Faelix, who provide reliable virtual and dedicated hosting, deliver fast connectivity and build secure networks. Branding by MARK Studio.

Population Matters

Design and UX

A new digital platform for the UK-based charity. Backed by patrons such as Sir David Attenborough, they address population size and its effects on environmental sustainability. Brand and art direction by Liz Newell. Made with Creative Concern.


Co-founder, art direction and design

Accoutrements is a multidisciplinary studio specialising in design, photography, and screen printing. Formerly known as Purple Collective. Established in 2013.

I've worked with a wealth of clients over the last decade, designing everything from record sleeves to multi-channel campaigns. For more examples of my work, please contact me on jacob@drozar.io.